Windows debugging ANE

Ever wanted to play with classics like ReadProcessMemory in Actionscript? Now you can!

With this ANE you get full access to the full Windows debugging API.

Quick start

  1. Download the *.ane file
  2. Read the reference manual

Things possible with this ANE

This is but a short summary of the key features in this ANE. There are many additional misc features.

The ANE is in alpha, so it has not been extensivly tested. Bugs are expected. Be sure to report any that you stumble accross!

Don't hesitate to drop me an email if you find the ANE useful, I love hearing about what people use my work. Feel free to send me questions and bug reports too.


Free for non comercial use.

A line in any credits list is required.

No redistribution of edited versions.

Make an effort to contact me if you do edit the code.